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“This moment should speak to the innovator inside you. The one who refuses to accept the world as it is. It should invoke an urge to explore, to question, to push boundaries.” SUBMIT YOUR FEEDBACK

The Third Wave isn’t coming—it’s here. We are in an era where massive disruption of major sectors will change the way we live and work.  It was my thoughts on the digital future that prompted me to write my first book. But before the paperback version comes out this spring, I wanted to see what insight I could add. And that’s where you come in. If you’ve read my book—or even just select passages—and you have something to say about the third wave, I’m asking for your thoughts in three ways:


I’m releasing the full text of the policy chapter—America Disrupted—on Medium. Go, read, and respond. GO TO MEDIUM

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And when the paperback comes out, look for your name or user name in the afterword. I’ll be giving you credit if your ideas make it into the book.

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